Dental Implants

Tooth Or Gum is a regional leader in dental implant treatment options.

Your teeth affect everything from your smile and confidence, to your ability to eat, speak and participate in the activities you enjoy.  There is no better option to restore missing teeth than dental implants.

Tooth implants are the next best thing to having your natural teeth restored.  Instead of being a removable device inside the mouth, like dentures, implants are permanently anchored into the jaw itself. Our affordable, dental implants can accommodate a single missing tooth or several missing teeth.


  • Difficult to wear and may interfere with eating and speaking.
  • Denture maintenance costs hundreds to thousands of dollars over their lifetime.
  • One appliance only lasts 5-7 years on average.
  • Dentures put stress on the teeth supporting them and accelerate the bone loss associated with missing teeth.
  • Those who wear partial dentures have an 80% chance of breaking their appliance or losing another tooth within 5 years.

Conventional Dental Implants

  • Conventional implants require an invasive procedure including gum incisions and large holes to be drilled into the jaw bone
  • Lengthy process that can take 6-12+ months and many return visits
  • Average cost of $5,000 PER TOOTH
  • Risks include: infection, damage to existing teeth and tooth roots; sinus problems; fractures; nerve damage; pain, numbness or tingling; inability to complete the procedure due to inadequate jawbone; and implant failure.

Our Mini Dental Implants

  • Permanent replacements that feel and function like original teeth
  • No wait – Done in one visit!
  • Restore teeth without affecting adjacent teeth in any way.
  • Require minimal follow-up-With adequate oral hygiene and maintenance practices, dental implants are proven to last for the remaining lifespan of the patient.
  • Little to no pain. Half of the patients who have had minis done at our office use NO PAIN KILLERS
  • Won’t move, click or shift
  • Allow you to bite naturally, eat virtually anything you want, and brush your teeth normally.
  • Very affordable. Implants start at only $1,500!

Our caring dentists believe all patients should have access to a healthy smile at an affordable price. 

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